Health and Welfare Auditing

At Hemming Morse, we keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of health and welfare plans and, in turn, employers’ plan compliance. We work closely and diligently with our clients to understand their plan provisions and current and new benefit provider contracts, ensuring that plan assets are paid correctly and used for plan participants. Our team includes dedicated claims specialists whose training and experiences focus exclusively on the complicated rules of processing claims within the plan.

Representative Matters

Plan Administrator Fraud

Hemming Morse uncovers fraudulent cash transfers by an employee benefit plan administrator.

Hemming Morse was called upon to investigate fraud perpetrated by an employee benefit plan administrator. Through diligent investigation, we identified inappropriate cash transfers from the plan’s account into an administrative account for the administrator’s business account to pay operational expenses not associated with the plan. The engagement was extended as we discovered transfers in another plan to pay for that plan’s benefit expenses. Our team then assisted counsel in filing claims against the administrator and reporting to the Department of Labor.

Proper Use of Plan Assets

Hemming Morse ensures DOL compliance for apprentice and training trust funds.

The Department of Labor (DOL) is focused on apprentice and training trust funds that fall into the welfare plan category with the goal of ensuring that plan assets are used for the benefit of the plan participants. This includes reviewing costs associated with graduation ceremonies, training contests and administrative policies, such as travel, credit card and vehicle usage, and staff compensation policies. Hemming Morse has created and reviewed these policies, with a strategic eye toward best practices and compliance with DOL lectures and field bulletins.