Steven Boyles Testifies on behalf of Plaintiff in Sonoma County Resulting in $13 Million Verdict

Hemming Morse Partner, Steven Boyles, testified in the Superior Court of Sonoma County over the course of two days on behalf of the plaintiff in Jeffrey Coury v. Chicago Title Insurance Company.  Mr. Coury filed his breach of contract claim alleging, among other things, that Chicago Title had breached his employment contracts by not providing him stock grants and stock option awards he was entitled to per the contracts.  The Hemming Morse team developed numerous financial models quantifying the damages to Mr. Coury, including quantifying the value of the stock grants and stock option awards, upon which Mr. Boyles testified to during trial.  On June 7, 2013, the jury awarded monetary damages in excess of $13 million (plus fees) to Mr. Coury (resulting in one of the largest judgments ever entered in Sonoma County).